Unifying Path Planning with the Cartesian Robot Class

November 19, 2021

RapidCode now provides the CartesianRobot class for performing moves in a cartesian space. Through CartesianRobot, our engineers benefit from using a unified API to work with any mechanical/kinematic configuration which accelerates the process from development to production.

With the appropriate kinematic configuration, the CartesianRobot class can not only be used to control articulated robots but also Delta Robots, SCARA Robots, CNC mills, gantries, and many more. Thus all your RMP machines have the same interface for planning moves in cartesian space.Below you can see a cartesian gantry with a prime axis running the same G-Code file as was run on our articulated collaborative robot.

The video below demonstrates a X, Y, Z cartesian gantry drawing our logo using both arcs and linear movements parsed from a GCode file.

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