RMP - EtherCAT Master & Motion Controller

25 years helping OEMs build machines with our motion controller

Open, powerful, and economical PC-Based EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller for OEM machine builders. The RMP APIs allow developers to quickly create machine control applications in C++, C#, Python, and more.


Supported Nodes

Many supported EtherCAT manufactures and counting





Success Stories

Successful companies rely on RSI to grow their business

“Our experience with RSI has been great on this project. The package developed by RSI, especially the GUI is extremely well done and very user friendly. The field support on a world wide basis has also been excellent and we are very thankful to have RSI as a partner.”

Hunt Valve

“Overall, it has been a good experience. From the upfront initial visits to the presentation to the final delivery, installation, and implementation into manufacturing, it has been a positive experience.”

Windy City Wire

“We tried a lot of different motion controllers in the past, but now we have found the RMP motion controller from RSI.”


“RSI makes a great team member for development of motion applications!”


“The well documented API was easy to work with and had good support. Using RMP enables us to fully integrate hardware control in our application, making the user experience much smoother.”

Nortek Group

“Our finished product impressed our customer enough that upon accepting the machine and before taking it home they sent us more work. This wouldn’t have been possible without some great support from RSI!”

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