Introducing Panasonic Minas A6B Series

June 30, 2020


RSI is pleased to announce the integration of Panasonic Minas A6B Series


  • Real-time communication: 100Mbit/s via CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Supports position (pp, csp, hm), velocity (pv, csv) and torque control (tq, cst)
  • Manual and automatic damping filters
  • Complete set of commands for up to 65535 axes per network
  • Supported cycle time of 125μs
  • Easy wiring using standard Ethernet cables (CAT5e, up to 100m between units)
  • Conforms to the following safety standards: ISO13849-1(PL e, CAT3), EN61508(SIL3), EN62061(SILCL3), EN61800-5-2(SIL3, STO), IEC61326-3-1, IEC60240-1


System Configuration

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