Our New Multi-Platform Configuration Tool: RapidSetupX

June 28, 2023

JP Garza

In recognizing the spectrum of operating systems of today's world, we decided to extend our reach beyond our Windows-only RapidSetup configuration application. The creation of our multi-platform version was a response to user needs across various operating systems. This new version has been meticulously crafted to offer an intuitive and seamless experience across all supported platforms. Our goal is to ensure all users have access to the tools they need on the platform of their preference.

RapidSetupX vs. RapidSetup

RapidSetupX capabilities

RapidSetupX is a versatile, multiplatform application that lets you connect to your RMP controller from numerous operating systems. It leverages the power of the gRPC protocol, ensuring smooth and efficient data transfer between the RapidServer (the server) and RapidSetupX (the client). What's exciting about this is the universal access it provides - customers can now configure and troubleshoot their machines from any device they prefer, whether it's a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Thanks to the use of the HTTP2 network protocol, any client application that supports this protocol can tap into the flow of information. The only current exception is the web browser, which doesn't yet support HTTP2. But who knows what the future holds?

Current state and future expectations

Work is in full swing on RapidSetupX, with RSI aiming for a beta release in August 2023. This initial rollout will include several of the fundamental RapidCode object pages, the debut of the Watch window, and the preliminary version of the innovative new Scope. The team is excited to share these key features as we continue to refine and expand the application in response to user feedback and our vision for a fully inclusive, multiplatform experience.

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