RMP Release Notes 10.3.7

May 20, 2022


RMP Release Notes 10.3.7

New Features

  • Kollmorgen AKD2G drive support.
  • Nanotec PD4 drive support.
  • rsiconfig.exe network start timeout field.
  • Cartesian Robot improved configurability of kinematic models.
  • ENI generation errors for networks with too many nodes or PDOs.
  • AxisAddressType Demand Scale Channels 0-3.
General Changes
  • Kollmorgen S700 Operation Mode support added.
  • Streamlined Mitsubishi J5 implementation.
  • Lexium28 General IO and FaultInfo.
  • rsiconfig.exe no longer probes twice.
  • RapidSequencer moved into RapidServer.exe/rta.
  • RMPNetwork improved acyclic frame reading for large networks (>50 nodes).
Bug Fixes
  • Beckhoff EL1088, ESD ESXDI08, and ControlTechniques 753 no longer show up as unknown nodes.
  • RapidSetup MultiAxis page performance improvements.

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