RMP Release Notes 8.1.3

April 2, 2019


RMP Release Notes 8.1.3

New Features

  • RapidSetup Axis and MultiAxis repeat motion disabled on errors, amp disabled, and switching views.
  • RMPNetwork sets Amp Fault for each axis on shutdown.
  • UserLimit methods now use cached AxisCount to improve performance.
  • SourceNameGet() no longer throws exception when it cannot read extra Amp Fault text.
General Changes
  • None this release
Bug Fixes
  • RapidSetup – SDO Read/Write string values.
  • 64-bit RapidCode libraries now support tracing and home logging.
  • RMPNetwork intermittent shutdown issues when nodes lose power or are disconnected.
  • RapidSetup – Axis Master-based Homing: Move To Zero and Log Homing were reversed.
  • RapidSetup – unable to set Home Method 18.

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