RMP Release Notes 8.1.4

June 4, 2019


RMP Release Notes 8.1.4

New Features

  • Axis.DriveIndexGet() support.
  • NetworkNode.AxisCountGet() added.
  • Custom timeouts available with overloads to NetworkStart and Service Channel functions.
  • ControlWord Bits On/Off added to EtherCATNodeInfo.xml.
  • Expanded options available to NetworkOutputAddressGet.
  • Working Directory Display Added to File Tab.
General Changes
  • Added Digital Inputs/Outputs and Actual Velocity to default Yaskawa implementation.
  • Improved SDO Error messages.
  • Improved IO Support for EtherCAT IO Nodes.
  • Missing ESI File Dialog Rework.
  • NetworkStart set to timeout after 30 seconds.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Remote Desktop when using USB dongle licenses.
  • Fixed Error 7170 (thread running) when calling MotionController.Delete().

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