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Elmo Plantium Series EtherCAT Servo Drive

Elmo Plantium Series EtherCAT Servo Drive
Node Type:
Servo Drives
Input Voltage:
24-90 VDC, 90+ VDC
Output Current:
No items found.
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Special Features:

The Platinum Twitter is the world’s smallest most powerful servo drive and part of Elmo’s Innovative Platinum series. The Platinum Twitter provides top servo performance, ultra-fast networking, increased processing power and rich feedback support.

With only 35 x 30 x 15.3 mm, the Platinum Twitter servo drive is the world’s smallest servo technology to feature Functional Safety support and safety over EtherCAT (FSoE).

The Platinum series was designed to meet the evolving needs of OEM designers for smarter, smaller, faster servo, with higher functionality and ease-of-use. Platinum drives aim to assist machine and robotic manufacturers in creating better machines through both superior motion-control and utmost safety.

Platinum Twitter Highlights

  • World’s Smallest Most Powerful Servo Drive
  • Up to 80A/80V, 70A/100V
  • Qualitative Power up to 5500W
  • Innovative Platinum line core
  • Ultra-Fast EtherCAT Networking
  • Functional Safety IEC 61800-5-2 (SIL-3, Cat4 PL-e) & FSoE

Platinum Series Highlights

  • Best-In-Class servo performance
  • World’s smallest servo technology to feature functional safety and safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)
  • Higher bandwidth, faster response, enhanced linearity and highest control resolutions
  • Ultra-efficient EtherCAT with cycling down to 100us, high synchronization with negligible jitters and near zero latency
  • Added feedback support: up to three simultaneously, or two absolute feedbacks
  • High processing power with large memory resources for better control, enhanced processing, and real time recording

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