RapidSetup is an easy to use machine deployment tool to help with the RMP EtherCAT MotionController configuration, homing, tuning, scoping, commanding motion, and troubleshooting.


RapidSetup is packed with features to facilitate the use of the RMP EtherCAT MotionController

MotionController Screen

Configure the EtherCAT network and view controller key components

Sequencer Screen

Quickly develop motion applications with our proprietary scripting language.

Node Screen

Read and write node/slave data.

IO Screen

View and change IO values.

MultiAxis Screen

Configure your multi-axis and command motion.

User Limits Screen

Configure and view real-time triggers.

Network Data Screen

View cyclically exchanged PDO inputs and outputs.

Dashboard Screen

View controller data all-in-one screen. Choose between many types of displays.

Errors Screen

View all errors in one screen for easy troubleshooting.

Axis Screen

Configure your axis and command motion.

Documentation Screen

View our knowledge base from within the application.

Portal Screen

Access the customer portal from within the application.

Network Timing Window

.View and analyze network timing information

Packet Errors Window

View node information for error troubleshooting.

Motion Scope Tool

Scope/Record data in real-time.

VM3 Memory Tool

View all controller data in real-time.

RapidWorkbench Tool

Quickly access the AKD proprietary configuration tool.


New features added all the time. Requests accepted.

See it in action

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Configure EtherCAT network and save topology

Connect your EtherCAT nodes to RMP+ controller and RapidSetup tool will do the rest of the work. RapidSetup will scan network and then seamlessly save the topology.


Command axis motion

RapidSetup makes it easy to choose between different types of motion.


Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs

View all IO in one place. Easily change values if needed.


View EtherCAT cyclically exchanged PDOs

Easily observe multiple input and output SDOs values.


View and track RapidCode objects all in one place

Visualize data in real-time and gauge information across RSI APIs and objects effortlessly.


Intuitive IDE & straightforward scripting language.

You can also use our proprietary scripting language “RapidSequencer” to quickly develop motion/io real-time applications.


For more in depth documentation visit our knowledge base.

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