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DL-EC1A EtherCAT Communication Unit

DL-EC1A EtherCAT Communication Unit
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DL-EC1A is an EtherCAT compatible slave which can read and write data from KEYENCE sensors such as GT, GT2, IX, IL, IG, IB and SK with a PLC (programmable logic controller) or PC (personal computer).

  • Compatible with process data object communication (cyclic communication). The sensor amplifier’s ON/OFF output, current value, and error status can be read cyclically without a program for communication. The data can also be externally input to the sensor amplifier.
  • Compatible with mail box communication (message communication) CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT). By establishing a handshake and communicating, all settings and statuses of the sensor amplifier can be read and written, and operation commands (tuning of setting values, etc.) for the sensor amplifier can be executed.

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