Supported EtherCAT Node

EL7xxx I/O Motion Terminals

EL7xxx I/O Motion Terminals
Node Type:
Servo Drives
Input Voltage:
24-90 VDC
Output Current:
1-6 Amps
Country of Origin:
Special Features:

EL7xxx: Scalable solutions for all common drive technologies in the familiar terminal format

Servomotor terminals
Full-featured servo drives in compact EL EtherCAT Terminal format for 48 V DC offer a high level of performance for the direct control of servomotors. Virtually all applications can be covered thanks to the high scalability in all performance classes from 2.8 A to 16 A. A hardware STO input is also available as an option.

Stepper motor terminals
The stepper motor terminals are designed for the direct control of stepper motors for the safety extra-low voltage range. The portfolio covers two performance classes: the EL703x for motors up to 1.5 A and the EL704x for motors up to 5 A. Additional inputs support drive-related functions such as homing and final position monitoring.

BLDC motor terminals
The EL7411-xxxx BLDC motor terminal is used to control BLDC motors up to 48 V DC with hardware enable input for STO (safe torque off) applications. BLDC technology facilitates the integration of servomotors with encoder feedback or hall sensors for direct connection to the terminal.

DC motor terminals
The EL73xx EtherCAT Terminals enable the operation of DC motors, such as those for 24/48 V belt drives. When operated with the ZB8610 fan cartridge, DC motors with an output of up to 6.5 A can be operated directly at the terminals.

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