Supported EtherCAT Node

HIWIN ED1 Series

HIWIN ED1 Series
Node Type:
Servo Drives
Input Voltage:
100-240 VAC, 240-480 VAC
Output Current:
25-72 Amps
1-6 Amps
7-24 Amps
Country of Origin:
Special Features:

The vector-controlled, fully digital servo drives are specially matched to the HIWIN motors. Servo drives D2T are used for the servo motors of the FR series, servo drives ED1 with safety function STO are used for the servo motors of the EM1 series, as well as for linear and torque motors. Different versions and performance classes are available depending on the area of application. Ready-assembled motor and encoder cables as well as the freely available HIWIN commissioning software are available for easy installation and commissioning.

PC-based EtherCAT Motion Controller

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