Supported EtherCAT Node

LS Electric - iX7NH

LS Electric - iX7NH
LS Electric
Node Type:
Servo Drives
Input Voltage:
100-240 VAC, 240-480 VAC
Output Current:
1-6 Amps
7-24 Amps
Country of Origin:
South Korea
Special Features:
Compact Size & Convenient Installation
  • Zero-stack installation space achieved through highly efficient heat dissipation
  • 100W ~ 1kW Drive
  • Minimized drive depth for 100W and 200W drives through development and application of smaller heat sinks
  • 172.5mm → 145.2mm ; volume reduced by 16%
  • Easy-to-open parameter display cover
  • Spring clamp connector applied for easier wiring

Enhanced Encoder & Control Functions
  • More types of encoders supported on top of high resolution encoder
  • BiSS, Quadrature, Tamagawa, Panasonic, EnDat 2.2, SSI, Nikon and Sinusoidal (Optional)
  • Supports temperature monitoring through encoders
  • Enhanced disconnection check function of quadrature encoder
  • Disconnection check circuit added
  • No dummy wiring needed
  • Improved control cycle
  • Position: 125 μs
  • Speed: 62.5 μs
  • Current: 31.25 μs
  • Enhanced alarm trace function
  • Capable of saving up to 4 channels such as alarm code & alarm occurrence time/date
  • Enhanced USB OTG(On-The-Go) function
  • Drive parameter backup on USB thumb drives (Drive → USB flash drive)
  • Drive parameter restoration from USB thumb drives (Drive ← USB flash drive)
  • Drive alarm history backup (Drive → USB flash drive)
  • Firmware update (Drive ← USB flash drive)
  • Added buttons for user convenience

Faster Communication Provided in More Diverse Methods
  • Fieldbus Supported: EtherCAT
  • Min. Communication Cycle Time: 0.125ms
  • Advanced EtherCAT function
  • Minimum communication cycle time improved from 0.125 ms to 0.250 ms
  • FoE function supported
  • Built-in web server function
  • With web server embedded in servo drive, no drive CM
    (Configuration software) is needed other than web browser environment
  • Enhanced remote commissioning function through Ethernet connection

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