RMP-Linux EtherCAT Motion Controller

March 9, 2023

Raj Bhasin

There has been a high interest in offering RMP EtherCAT motion controller for Linux, so team RSI has taken on this exciting project. 

Coming Soon..

We are currently porting the RMP/EtherCAT firmware and our RapidCode libraries to run on Linux. We will run the RMP on an isolated CPU core of our standard industrial PC (iPC300) with a PREEMPT_RT patched kernel. In the future, we imagine the RMP-Linux product running on ARM CPU to help OEMs reduce cost.

RapidCode C++ API will remain unchanged for Linux, so porting a Windows app to Linux should be straightforward.  Users can run part or all of their code on the PREEMPT_RT patched kernel to run C++ programs in real-time (similar to our other offering - RapidCodeRT).

The Current Path for Linux Users

New Linux users should use the RapidCodeRemote feature that leverages gRPC to communicate with an RMP-Windows PC or RMP distributed INtime RTOS PC (no Windows).

Our development has been smooth, and we hope to launch a Beta version of RMP-Linux soon.

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