A G-Code interpolator and UI. The G-Code interpolator is also accessible through the RapidCode API. The RapidCode API enables OEMs to easily add to their custom UI. Simple applications can use the UI to reach production quickly. We use RMP Motion Controller in the back-end to guarantee real-time deterministic performance.


G-Code is a programming language for specifying coordinated motions in cartesian space used by many manufacturing machines. The RMP soft motion controller has the ability to parse and plan 3D coordinated motions based on the G-Code syntax. This allows for easy adoption of our controller if you are already familiar with G-Code.

Current RapidCode user using RMP

Leverage new cartesian coordinated motions without the need to calculate and manage trajectory points for streaming motion.


Build your own user interface with our API functions or get up and running quickly with our G-Code UI for Rapid Setup.

Machine builder

Great for modernizing controls on systems that already use G-Code.

More than just GCode

Add other axes to do simple Point-to-Point or Streaming motion. Also add, IOs for added functionality.

How it works

Straightforward Workflow


Add axes and configure settings

Add 6 axes to a MultiAxis object in the Setup tab . The order should be X, Y, Z, A, B, C. Use electronic gearing to add a redundant axis. Also, add user units relative to your machine in mm, in, or units.


View and edit your G-Code file before running

We will provide estimated run time based on your feed rate and acceleration. You can also run a single line in the editor. Any errors parsing the file will prevent execution. The line with the error will be highlighted and a detailed error message is displayed.

3D Render

Import your file within the mechanical limits of your system

View various angles of your image. See a real-time location as your GCode file is bring processed.


Jog each or multi-axis to ensure your system is setup correctly

Jog each axis on your machine manually. Command a relative or velocity move. Motion will be limited within the software bounds as shown in the 3D Render panel.


Connect the GCode interpolator with your UI

View various angles of your image. See a real-time location as your GCode file is bring processed.Take all facets of our GCode interpolator and functionality to implement within your UI using our RapidCode GCode API. Link.


For more in depth documentation visit our knowledge base.

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