Case Study

Flight Simulation


OEM manufactures an entire range of flight simulators from Basic Aviation Training Devices up to Full Flight Simulators.

Florida, USA
Nov 2015


Motion Controller – Customer is using RMP EtherCAT motion controller due to multi-axis synchronization. In addition, RMP has helped the customer stream multi-axis motion trajectories in a real-time deterministic manner.

Controls Hardware – The customer selected a Servo drive to be used with a brushless dc motor along with a low backlash gearhead to ensure smooth motion during the flight simulation.

Software – The customer has developed in-house simulation software and they were able to leverage RSI’s intuitive RapidCode software libraries (programmable in C++ and C#) to reach production quickly.

I/O Hardware – Customer selected modular EtherCAT I/O. By using EtherCAT compatible IO, customer could setup triggers which worked with motion in a deterministic manner. The modular IO hardware allowed customer to easily more IO’s based on flight simulation system.



  • RMP EtherCAT Soft Motion Controller
  • Servo Brushless DC Motors
  • EtherCAT Servo Drives
  • Precision Gear heads
  • Modular EtherCAT IO node


  • Our customer enjoys the freedom to choose servo drives and motors from the most suitable manufacturers.
  • Unlimited system support for development, commissioning, and field machines.
  • Motion solution delivers in performance, reliability, and price.


See loading systems below:

Customer leverages E2M for their loading systems
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To learn more about how the customer leverages E2M for their loading systems, click here.

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