Case Study

Tube Bending


The machine is a rotary draw tube bender. This particular machine bends aluminum tubing with ODs from 3/8” to 5/8”. For the most part the tubing is being used on coolant systems in Trucks. This bender, depending on the tube length can bend between 80 to 250 tubes an hour and is fully automated.

Stark Manufacturing
Arkansas, USA
Oct 2020


Q&A with Customer
Question: Why did you select RMP EtherCAT Motion Controller for your application?
Software Engineer: We have used RSI for previous projects, and wanted to update our machines to the current available software.
Question: Were there any RMP motion controller feature(s) that stood out to you?
Software Engineer: Using EtherCAT as the communication medium for devices and drives.


RSI was very helpful in specking out our entire system, not just the software. Their software was very easy to use, had good documentation, and most importantly, it had code examples for basic and advanced movements.
- Stark Manufacturing


  • Our customer enjoys the freedom to choose servo drives and motors from the most suitable manufacturers.
  • Unlimited system support for development, commissioning, and field machines.
  • Motion solution delivers in performance, reliability, and price.


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