Case Study

Food Processing Band Saw


Food processing band saws are extremely dangerous to operate. There are hundreds of amputation cases annually due to how dangerous it is to work so close to an open blade.  Our customer and RSI worked together to develop a system that could detect when an operator’s hand or fingers were too close to the blade and stop the blade in order to prevent an accident.

Hollymatic Corporation
Illinois, USA
Feb 2017



RSI assisted with the selection of the servo system including the motor, drive, and gearhead to achieve the fastest stop time for the application budget. An IP69k servo motor was selected due to the washdown environment and the servo drive had to be rated for harsh environments.


RSI developed an intuitive touchscreen based user interface; enabling operators to startup quickly and maintenance staff to identify and resolve problems with minimal downtime.
The application we developed logs relevant data to an online server for remote diagnostics and data analytics. The data is analyzed alongside other installed machines to determine if a machine is in need of maintenance. The data is also used to identify operators in need of further training which improves worker efficiency.

Vision System

RSI developed the vision system that detects the presence of an operator’s hand to trigger a fast stop before the operator even touches the blade. The vision system is seamlessly integrated with the main user interface that handles all the motion, setup, and configuration.



  • RSI Custom Vision System
  • RSI Custom Designed RapidSaw HMI
  • sRMP EtherCAT Motion Controller
  • IP69K Washdown Servo Motor
  • EtherCAT Servo Drive


  • Significantly improved safety for operators.
  • Intuitive HMI which is integrated with Vision system for quickly identifying and resolving problems.
  • Remote diagnostics.


See UI/HMI images below:

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