Case Study

Delta Robot


Manually packaging deli cuts is very tedious work and also creates quality concerns when workers must handle unpackaged food product. The customer wanted to automate the process of manually picking and placing deli meat stacks off of a conveyor and place them into their primary packaging pockets.



Services Provided by RSI

Hardware Selection – RSI assisted with the selection of a pair of IP69K high speed Pick and Place 2D Robots to pick deli meat off of a conveyor and place them into their primary packing pockets. A custom gripper was needed to handle the product and a conveyor buffering / indexing system was needed to maintain constant throughput.

Control Panel Design – RSI designed the control panel which houses the servo control system in a dirty, wet, and cold environment. Special precautions were taken to insure the control system could operate in the harsh environment.

Vision System – An integrated vision system was designed to locate stacks of meat on the conveyor and track the locations for the robots.  The system coordinates with the slicer and buffer conveyor upstream and to the multi-VAC packing equipment downstream to optimize throughput.

Application Software and HMI Development – RSI designed an intuitive user interface; enabling operators get the machine up and running quickly. The application runs in windows on an IP69K rated touchscreen which is easily accessed so problems can be resolved with minimal downtime.

The application RSI designed logs relevant data to an online server for remote diagnostics and data analytics. The data is analyzed alongside other picking systems to determine if a system is in need of maintenance.



  • Codian D2-800-HD two axis Hygienic Robots
  • Custom Designed End of Arm Tooling
  • Custom Designed Buffering Conveyors
  • Integrated Machine Vision
  • sRMP EtherCAT Motion Controller
  • IP69K Hygienic Servo Motors
  • EtherCAT Servo Drives


  • Improved quality control by eliminating handling of unpackaged product.
  • Consistent and predictable throughput
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased floorspace as automation equipment has smaller footprint.
  • Easy to access, maintain, and clean automation equipment.


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