Case Study

Waterjet Cutting


Customer has a long tradition of providing advanced CAD, CAM, and NEST software solutions in close cooperation with waterjet manufacturers all around the world.

Sweden, Europe
Dec 2019


2D CAD/CAM Software Offering
  • CAD Module: Powerful and easy to use CAD system, inspired by AutoCad.
  • CAM 2D: Quality control, lead-ins, piercing types, tool path creation, marking technology, common cut lines, time and cost calculation, reports etc.
  • Data Exchange: DXF, DWG, EPS and parametric file importers
  • Sign Maker: Image converter, converts shapes (JPG, BMP etc.) to CAD geometry
  • AWJ: Advanced material/feed rate control settings, material database provided
  • Nesting Level 1: Basic nesting features
  • Nesting Level 2: Advanced nesting with multi head control, nest for common cut lines, multiple sheets etc.
  • CAM Tools: Advanced CAD commands for geometry optimization such as; cleanup, edgefix, contour error analyzer, object replace etc.
  • Tile Maker: For tiles with inlays. Automatically separates geometry, nests and creates the CNC file.
  • Organizer: Database for parts, sheets and production management. Included is also filters and reports.
  • Piping Library etc: Generates 2D shape; Puzzle-For puzzle creation; Pocketing-Special pocketing cutting.
3D CAD/CAM Software Offering
  • Import of 3D files like STEP and IGES
  • CAD editor for imported model
  • Feed calculations based on the angle, thickness and material properties
  • Advanced simulator with tool path collision control
  • Fixture function that automatically generate fixture parts
  • Functions for defining surfaces/edges, adding/editing toolpaths, customized leads and more
RMP EtherCAT Controller Features

Streaming PVT Motion – Our motion controller includes several very powerful streaming motion options which enabled our customer to stream coordinated multi-axis moves to all the robot joints in order to move in an X, Y, Z, reference frame (Learn More).

3D Compensation – The customer is leveraging User Limits to trigger digital outputs in a deterministic manner based on the axis encoder position (Learn More).

Performance and Reliability – When the application can not fail, our customer trusted our high-performance motion controller. RMP runs using a RTOS core provided by Tenasys inside Windows OS environment. The RTOS CPU core is dedicated to RMP EtherCAT motion firmware.

RTOS Integration – Our customer is running our motion controller with INtime alongside Windows. This architecture is paramount when latency times, performance, and reliability are critical. In addition, the motion firmware runs in a real-time deterministic manner.

Innovation From IGEMS

IGEMS Angle Interpolation
In other CNC controllers, a user needs to move the XY axes in many small steps and change the angle at every line. When using IGEMS Angle interpolation, a user can cut with one G2/G3 command resulting a shorter CNC file and better cutting results.

IGEMS Camera Stitching
A camera mounted on the machine. An innovative stitching feature. A user loads can place a CNC file on the picture. No need to set any zero points.


“We have tried a lot of different motion controllers in the past, but now we have found the RMP motion controller from RSI. It has all the features of a modern motion controller already built into it. Still, it’s flexible and allows us to develop and build on top of this. The quality and speed of the support we get is among the best in the industry. For us, RSI is the perfect match.”


  • Our customer enjoys the freedom to choose servo drives and motors from the most suitable manufacturers.
  • Unlimited system support for development, commissioning, and field machines.
  • Motion solution delivers in performance, reliability, and price.


See images of application below:

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Q&A with Customer
RSI ➜ Why did you select RMP EtherCAT Motion Controller for your application?
Customer ➜ Previously we have used two other motion controllers, but we found limitations as to how many axes we could use. Another limit is that we had to use their existing NC-kernel. Their NC-kernel was not optimized for our application/waterjet cutting. We needed to control motors on a lower level.
RSI ➜ Describe your development experience using RapidCode API motion libraries:
Customer ➜ Good and well documented. Many existing functions for different motion types.
RSI ➜ Were there any RMP motion controller feature(s) that stood out to you?
Customer ➜ The C# interface is a nice feature and allows for easy debugging.
RSI ➜ From your experience, is there anything about the product or company that can be improved?
Customer ➜ We are geographically far from each other. That said I’m very impressed how fast RSI reply to our emails and provide support.

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